The Attic

This is a piece that God gave me to write many many years ago, and I felt I should share it here today. I hope you can relate to it.        You decide it’s time.  You’ve hidden from them for a long time yourself – and you’ve certainly never shared them with God. You haven’t… Continue reading The Attic



Yesterday was the ninth anniversary of the death of my dad. It was also the anniversary of my parents’ firstborn child’s birth – she died when she was ten months old. Nine years ago we thought it just like Dad to go home to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. Here is the tribute I shared with… Continue reading Yesterday


Words Matter!

“Morals and manners will rise or decline with our attention to grammar.” Jason Chamberlain, 1911 Communicating effectively in two-dimensional media has been my passion, my gift, and was my career. The quote above was said at the inaugural address of Jason Chamberlain as he began his tenure as the President of the University of Vermont.… Continue reading Words Matter!