The Attic

This is a piece that God gave me to write many many years ago, and I felt I should share it here today. I hope you can relate to it.

       You decide it’s time.  You’ve hidden from them for a long time yourself – and you’ve certainly never shared them with God.

You haven’t talked about them before – because you’re too ashamed.  So you’ve kept them locked up in that special part of your brain I like to call the attic – in those industrial strength Rubbermaid boxes – the kind you can’t see into.

But lately the attic has become the attack – reminding you of your sins in the wee small hours, in your dreams and when you’re awake.  You can’t carry it yourself anymore.  You’ve been a believer for a long time, and you “know” you can bring things to God, but you don’t want to let Him down by telling Him about this stuff.  But the weight has gotten too great.  You have to show Him, or you won’t be able to breathe anymore.

You have to show Him, or you won’t be able to breathe anymore.

So you bring God with you to the attic.  Your heart is pounding and your mouth is dry, and you don’t know if it’s fear or just the shame of it all.  You finally open the door, expecting to see all those boxes – some with a lot of dust on them.  But – there sits Jesus, in His glowing white robe, on one of them, drinking a cup of tea.  You see the holes in His hands and feet.  He smiles at you and says:

“There you are!  I’ve been waiting for you.  You look surprised to see me.  Sure I knew about this place.  I was hangin’ around a couple of years ago and this stuff just crossed my mind.  I’m so glad you’ve come!  Now we can clean this place up.  Hi, Dad.”

“What can you do in return?  Go and sin no more?  Ha-Ha!  You people are such comedians! Of course you’re going to sin more.  You’d have to be perfect not to sin, and I’ve checked the book, you’re not perfect.  If I’m OK with that, why can’t you be?”

“There are some things you can do, however.  You know how it feels to carry all this stuff around, and soon you’re going to know how it feels to be free of it.  I’d like you to tell others what’s worked for you.”

“Too, once all this stuff will be out of here, I’m going to forget it ever existed.  I’d like you to do that, too, kind of.  Certainly remember what you’ve learned from these experiences, but don’t beat yourself up over them anymore.  I’m the only one qualified to do that, and if I’m not beatin’ you up, why should you?  If you do, you’re kind of suggesting I’m wrong and here again, I’ve checked the book – I’m never wrong.”

“I’d also like you to change this attic from a storage room to a clearing house.  You don’t need to let things build up like this – it really weighs you down, and frankly, when you’re carrying all this stuff, you production for Me suffers.  From now on, when something’s on your mind, bring it to me right away.  We’ll take care of it.”

“I would prefer you not bring me the same thing over and over again, though.  It gets monotonous.  And, while I can do the ‘70×7’ thing, people can’t.  So when you’re carrying a Bible around but committing the same sin time after time, people start to doubt your sincerity, and that’s bad for my PR.”

“Now.  I have loved you with an everlasting love.  Do not let your heart be troubled.  Trust in God, trust also in me…”




2 thoughts on “The Attic

  1. So good – needed the reminder that He already knows and took care of biznis and is not sitting their with a look of disappointment or disapproval on His loving face!

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  2. This is awesome Susan! I especially liked the part that says if we continue to beat ourselves up for the “things in the attic”, it implies that He’s wrong. And we know He’s never wrong!

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